I am a Wild Apprentice.

I am the Groundskeeper of this Temple, if you will.

I am a Spiritual Being having a human experience.

I am a Witch.

I am a Pagan.

I am a Mom.

I am a Wife.

I am a Seeker.

I am a Daughter.

I am an Idealist.

I am a Writer.

I am a Healer.

I am a Friend.

I am a Lover of Words.

I am a Student of Life.

I am all of these things, so many more, and yet none of them (listed here or not) begins to truly scratch the surface. We can try to use them, have fun painting quasi-enigmatic portraits of ourselves (like I did above there), but these labels and descriptions don’t actually tell us much of anything. And it’s not because I’m trying to be difficult (though I do that sometimes, mostly unintentionally) or from a lack of desire to be known – I think at our core, most of us crave being Known, being Seen by others, connecting with others. Rather, and being a lover of words this next statement carries some weight, words on a page – in a list or paragraph, poem or prose – can only do what language is intended to do: point to a meaning.

Now, this space on the other hand, I can tell you a little bit more about. The title was inspired by Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estes’s book Women Who Run With the Wolves. It’s a phenomenal book that delves into and explores the archetype and personage of the Wild Woman (whom I conceptualize as the Feminine aspect of Divinity or, more colloquially and around my house, “Momma”). I couldn’t begin to do the book more justice than just referring you to it, so I’ll stop there. As for this space, I created it as a place of healing. Not just for me, though I intend to find some here, but for anyone who needs it. My dream for this space is that it’s interactive. I don’t want this to be some website you come to looking for a new age or Pagan version of a sermon or lecture. I genuinely want to hear from you, about you, about what’s going on in your life, what you want to read about. I want to co-create and collaborate. I mentioned above being the groundskeeper here, and I mean that sincerely. What will make this space more healing is your engagement in it. What do you say?

~Wild Apprentice (WA)


2 thoughts on “About

  1. Fantastic! 🙂 Can’t wait to take a look around and see what you have going here! WWRWTWs is an all time favorite….Being a Wild Woman myself, it is always an exceptional joy to be connected to another. I cannot wait to look around your space here, as I feel as if I *know* you already. xox


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