Magic happens

First, I want to express huge thanks to Grace and Selena and any/all others who were/are keeping me and my family in your thoughts and prayers and sending positive energy to help us. I apologize for not having written an update sooner (will get to the ‘why’ in a moment here)! But here it is 😀

On January 6th when we were no closer to having our December rent together than we had been I called our landlord. Truthfully, I was afraid but feverishly praying and mostly trusting that somehow it was going to be okay. I held close to me in that trepidatious moment those few who I knew were praying (as well as any others that I didn’t know of) and/or working magic on our behalf alongside with us and leaned into them and the Divine. I explained to our landlord that we just didn’t have rent. And I asked him again (despite his refusal the first time a month or so ago) if he were willing to allow us to use our last month of rent that we paid before we moved in (you know, “first/last/security”) to cover this month and let us pay rent in January for our actual last month of living here…

He agreed! 😀

So that bought us until January 20th to come up with the money we need to pay rent and, trusting that we will be able to do so, February 20th to find a new place to live and move. Since I did the math, I’ve been picking up shifts at work like crazy (this past week I think I’m at around 60 hrs or so and this coming week will be around 80; hence why this update is so late!).

Also, Grace – your prayers about any obstacles or impediments or reasons for the difficulty we’ve been experiencing to be exposed and dealt with also worked. I’m not going to go into detail on everything that unfolded but our family now numbers 5 1/2 instead of 6 1/2.

And this is one of the ways in which magic happens and what it looks like sometimes when it does. People who don’t practice magic or haven’t practiced long, those who don’t regularly pray trusting that their prayers will be answered often misunderstand both these things and how they can work. Magic (or prayer – whatever semantics are happiest at you) isn’t always Poof! No more problems! Sometimes it is (and isn’t it lovely when that happens? I wish it happened that way more often personally, alas, that is not always the case), but sometimes it looks exactly like this: more time, more resources to get the other resources that you need and for which you worked the magic. Sometimes magic is (metaphorically/metaphysically) re-breaking a bone that wasn’t set properly so that it can heal the way it needs to or removing a malignant tumor that was spreading death and decay throughout the system (as was the case with one of the people we had called ‘family’ who is no longer with us). During those times it can be difficult to be grateful or to see the experience as a blessing because those types of experiences are painful and can even be traumatic. If you’ve ever needed to have a bone reset, surgery done, or experienced a significant betrayal, you know what I’m talking about.  It has helped me significantly to maintain the perspective that this horrible experience is done now and we can begin moving forward and healing, and I am enormously grateful for that.

So again, I say thank you. Thank you for your prayers; for working positive, healing, prosperity-bringing magic for my family and myself; for sending love and light our way. If you’ve ever wondered if your prayers or magic were effective, I assure you they are. And, I humbly ask that you continue to send that above-mentioned energy our way. We are not out of the woods yet (not just with the housing situation but with some physical health issues my wife is experiencing). I believe that the energy we send out comes back to us, and when you’re working magic for or asking/sending prayers to a Witch, we have the power to magnify that positive energy back to you so you get an extra helping of goodness 😉

May the Divine (however you conceptualize It) bless you infinitely and surround you in Love.

9 thoughts on “Magic happens

  1. Oh, I am just thrilled to read this wonderful progress report, WA!!! WOOO WHOOO! I do have a sense that there has been and will continue to be a huge energy shift now that the one is gone. If you haven’t already, do a cleanse about the house…a releasing ceremony….whatever it is that seems right to you to get the FUNK out! 🙂 hahaha Will continue praying! Love to you all!!!

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    • (((((Selena)))))) Thank you for reaching back ❤ I have not forgotten that you are experiencing your own storm and am sending love and light and healing to you and yours to help you through it! So many blessings to you…


  2. As you know, I just discovered your new place in cyberspace and have been busy catching up as far as I can catch. I’m saddened to read of your trials and tribulations. Since some time has passed since this post, I pray that things are still moving forward and looking up. May the sun, the moon, and a gentle, cleansing, live-giving rain shower bless you and yours with renewal, resurgence, and a rebirth into bright, new beginnings. ❤ MW


  3. During this age of covidicus and exceptional time of sheltering place, I decided to spend some time re-reading Romancing the Crone. As I read through the posts pondering all that was on my mind back then, my heart filled with nostalgia for the wise and wonderful tribe of spiritual journeyers that once gathered there. What a blessing it was to walk our path together! I reopened RTC to the public and as I looked through the old posts and comments, I saw you!! I miss you and Foxchild. I hope you and your family are staying safe and well. Abundant blessings upon you and yours!! XOXO, MW


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